Re-using hotels towels is a frequent topic of conversation amongst traveling friends. What gets us started on this topic is usually the issue of someone who tries to re-use towels by hanging them over the shower rod in their effort towards water conservation but the maids replace them with fresh towels anyway. One friend hides the towels on a hanger in the closet just to try to save them from being replaced!

Do you re-use hotel towels for a 2nd day?

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Posted by Carol Margolis | 8 Comments

8 Responses to “Towel Re-Use: Do You or Don’t You?”

  1. Miguel says:

    I normally use them twice, not more because in hotel there is normally no way to dry them.
    But if the maids go ahead and replace them everyday (which I assume is easier for them, they just have to grab all towels and throw them in the bin), I don’t really give 2 thoughts about it.

  2. Ryan says:

    At Starwood Hotels, you can opt to “Go Green” and not have any room service in exchange for either a $5 credit or 500 points per day (excluding the last night, after which they obiously clean your room). When I am in one place for 4-5 days, I definitely take the valuable points and rack up free hotel nights just from not having towels replaced and my bed made. Everyone wins!

  3. I look at it this way. I am on vacation. I pay dearly for my hotel – the bulk of my travel costs. I am using extra towels. They are not free but built into the price of the room.

  4. Susan says:

    Happy to reuse IF the towel dries. Rooms in humid locales combined with inadequate towel bar space means constantly damp towels.

  5. apple says:

    I don’t reuse them at home, why would I when I am at a hotel?

  6. Ralfinho says:

    I always hang the towels for re-use. And sometimes (only sometimes) they remain unchanged as promised by the hotel.
    I like the “go green” option at Starwood hotels. This increases the chance that your intention of reusing towels is recognized.
    Though during my last stay at a Westin it happened that I got the bonus points but the room was serviced anyway …

  7. MaryQua says:

    I will reuse them only if the hotel provides adequate drying space. Very few hotels, even those wanting to be green have enough drying space for towels used by 2 adult guests.

  8. Good point Mary. I tend to re-use towels when traveling by myself because I hang them over the shower rod, but if my husband is with me I almost never re-use towels due to space to dry.

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