Home for the Holidays

For the next two weeks, my luggage and laptop tote are taking a break.  As much as I enjoy travel, both for work Traditional English Christmas dinner uid 1003726 and for fun, I especially love being home.  It’s all the more special because I haven’t seen a two-week period at home in a very long time . . . it’s been more than two years.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in, cooking healthy meals (ok, maybe they all won't be healthy!), enjoying great wine, walking our dog and spending lots of time with my husband and our family.       

I hope you have wonderful days with your family and friends over the holidays and that your luggage also gets a rest from all work-related travel.  The time will come soon enough in January when we start collecting a new year’s worth of air miles and hotel points all over again. 

Happy Holidays to all!  Let us know what travel-related gifts you receive under the tree!



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