Smart Women Travelers Announces Clear Partnership

Smart Women Travelers is proud to announce our partnership with Clear. Orlando was one of the first airports to offer the Clear premier Registered Traveler Program program, and I was one of the first to apply and get my own Clear Card. Since 2007, I've saved hours of time waiting in TSA security lines and couldn't be happier. I arrive on Monday morning to an airport full of families who just departed Disney World (you can imagine the bags of souvenirs and all the strollers that have to go through x-ray!). Instead of getting in line behind all of their chaos, I go to a private Clear lane, give my thumbprint on their machine, and a Clear attendant then finds a spot at the front of the x-ray line for me. They get two bins out for me, and I'm whisked through security in just a few minutes.  Sooooo worth it!

How does it work? Application requires some forms, a background check and your fingerprints. Once you are accepted, you get priority access to the security checkpoints at participating airports (you can find a list of them here as well as venues which support Clear).

For frequent travelers, the card pays for itself in the time you save. Less waiting, less hassle, totally worth it.

Sign up for your Clear Card today!

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