My Five Favorite Fool-Proof Tips for Staying Fit on the Road

By JJ Virgin PhD, CNS, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Authority

1) Repeat after me:  “No Red-Eyes.”  Unless you are flying in your own private jet for more than 9 hours you will have a bad nights’ sleep and start your vacation or work week off on a bad note.  It always sounds like a great idea until you are actually living it.  Instead, I turn the plane into my own personal office and bring all of my writing and reading that I need to catch up on (I take extra batteries and plugs too) and fly during my most productive hours.  I use my iPOD to create my office “walls.”  This way once I land I can immediately shift into “escape” mode now that I have gotten my work done.

2) If your travel includes a time zone change, start shifting the day or two before by altering your bedtime, wake time, and meal times by an hour.  Use Thin Sticks (my favorite fool-proof all natural appetite suppressant and cravings crusher) to help your appetite cooperate with you.

3) Pack the Bullet.  I travel with my Magic Bullet Blender
and carry sandwich baggies prepared with a blend of my Olympian Labs Prescribed Nutrition shake stirred with some added fiber.  I’ve learned to include a few extra baggies in case I end up missing a meal somewhere in transit or if I show up late at my hotel and want to have a shake instead of a whole meal.  I also carry EmergenC™ Packets with me to kick up my immune system and keep my stress at bay as well as some of my favorite protein energy bars so that I never get stranded and fall victim to the airline “snack pack” out of desperation.

4) Plan your workouts.  Whenever possible I workout prior to getting on the plane, especially on long flights.  If the flight is too early I schedule in a workout when I arrive. I always make sure that the hotel where I am staying has a fitness center (as opposed to the dreaded fitness room containing a lone treadmill and a broken tv) or access to a nearby gym.  If all else fails you will find me in the stairwell doing my bursts.  If I am driving I bring my Xiser along.  It weighs under 20 pounds so some of my male clients actually pack it; I unfortunately have far too many shoes that I MUST pack to be able to squeeze it in….

5) Carry your safe filtered water bottle along but remember to empty it BEFORE you go through the security line!  Security will confiscate it… I’ve learned this one personally.  I have also found that most hotel gyms have a water cooler so you can always locate a great source of clean filtered water for bottle refills, and hence yet another reason to make a visit there!

© 2009 JJ Virgin & Associates, Inc. JJ Virgin PhD, CNS is a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, author, public speaker and media personality. She is internationally recognized as the authority in overcoming weight loss resistance and trains other health care professionals in her program. She is the president of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals,

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