Do Business and a Cruise Really Mix?

Business CruiseI just wrapped up a 5-day cruise with CEOSpace.  It’s the first time I have ever cruised with a business purpose and it was great! We had meetings planned in the mornings so we still had the majority of each day for getting off the ship and doing our own thing. 

Dinners were spent together, rotating tables each night so that we could network and do business with as many people as possible (there were about 115 of us in our group).  It was just the right mix of business, networking and fun! 

I collected several funny travel stories for my upcoming book (see for the details), talked with travel industry experts; discussed travel products and met with CEOs and entreprenuers from all walks of life.  All in all, I was very surprised that so much business got done on a cruise ship.  But that’s also the power of the CEOSpace group. 

I’ve only been off the ship a few hours and I’m already thinking about my next working cruise!



  1. What an absolutely fantastic way to “do” business, especially the networking opportunities, and no worries about being late for an appointment due to traffic congestion!

  2. Hi all-
    We here at believe that cruising is the perfect setting to “do” business- no traffic, a self contained environment for bonding and to accomplish corporate goals, lots to do on board (and visits to new places without having to unpack) and you can save up to 40% as compared to land based programs! Best of all, now you can search from over 35 brands), select (the perfect ship) and access to all of the tools and resource needed to orchestrate successful business events at sea – on line at!

  3. Great article – thanks for spreading the word that cruising is not just for holiday travel. In fact, a “meeting at sea” is a fantastic way to do business and can can save up to 40% with included meals, entertainment, meeting space and AV. I’m going to bookmark your site!

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