Continental – I Miss the Old You!

Dear Continental –

I first noticed that our relationship changed in January when the evening ‘snack’ in first class was reduced from a nice cheese and cracker plate to 2 tiny bags of pretzel sticks. That snack – so 2009-ish! – was my dinner on each Thursday night as I headed home.

Now I nab a few packets of cheese and crackers from the President’s Club to share with seatmates when they go into shock as the two pretzel bags are placed in front of them.

Our relationship further degraded when I asked for a cup of freshly brewed decaf coffee on Monday evening’s flight.  The flight attendant shared with me the ugly truth – you are now serving us this:

I’m sure that decaf isn’t real popular on the morning flights, but evenings? This should be prime time for a pot of decaf coffee. Please don’t serve instant decaf coffee.

What other changes are coming in our relationship that I haven’t uncovered yet? (And yes, I did catch that increase on headset charges from $1 to $3 … sneaky, sneaky!).  And different free baggage limits for Silver members compared to Gold and Platinum – who knew?

You’ve changed Continental.  I’d like my old friend back.

Ms. Love-My-Fresh-Brewed-Coffee

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