Using Twitter as a Travel Resource

Travel and Twitter combine beautifully! I used Twitter this past weekend to ask my ‘tweeple’ about places to stay and romantic restaurants in Sedona, Arizona. My husband and I are heading there for Valentine’s Day weekend. I received great suggestions for both, made my selections and am ready for the weekend!

I could have first researched for these things on TripAdvisor or other travel review sites, but I decided to first start with Twitter. It only took a few seconds to send a couple of tweets on what I was looking for, and the suggestions started rolling in not only from the Scottsdale Visitor’s Bureau, but from many people who have previously trekked to Sedona. How cool is that? Once I received a few recommendations, I used TripAdvisor to confirm (or not) the suggestions. My research time was cut down to a 10th of the typical time I used to spend reading reviews. I saved time, hopefully selected some great places to stay and dine, and I met a few new friends on Twitter. A triple win!

If you’re looking to follow 50 great Travel Twitterers (I am very honored to be included in this list), head over to With a ‘Select All’, you will easily be able to follow all 50 in a heartbeat.

Happy Tweeting!


  1. Hi akeorlando! Twitter is definitely great. My husband and I just had a great weekend in Sedona thanks to suggestions and tips we received from several Twitter friends.

    When I had less followers, I’d ask to be retweeted (RT) and many people would. This was a great way to get valuable tips and to meet new friends.

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