Got a Business? Earn Even More Frequent Flier Miles

The contest we just had on Boarding Area was fun, especially for the winner, of course. There were some excellent tips offered (thank you!) but I was looking for one tip and never saw anyone post about it (sorry if I missed it).

Some airlines offer business programs for employees where the companies actually accumulate points, too. These bonus miles are in addition to the frequent flier miles earned by employee travel. Companies can use their awards as gifts to employees – or anyone, for that matter – for things like free or upgraded airfare.

For example, here is how Delta’s business program works:They have a reward program called SkyBonus. Virtually any business with a tax ID or VAT number can create an account. Once set up, all employees who add the company code to their ticketing will add a bonus to the company account.

Note that this is not the same as Delta’s SkyMiles. The SkyBonus program is revenue-based, not mileage-based, and uses a different formula.  Nevertheless, it is free and an easy way to add points without any extra work.  Also, it is applied to all tickets purchased so if you buy them for your family, all are credited to the business bonus account.

As always with any program, make sure you follow all the rules exactly. Here are a couple that apply with the Delta program:

  • If you fail to include the company ID when the ticket is purchased, you can not retroactively add it later.
  • Points expire three years after they are earned. Points earned in April, 2010 will expire end of December, 2013.

American Airlines also offers a similar program.

If you own or work for a business, set up an account with your airline.  Then you are on your way to picking up some easy bonus points at no cost.


  1. Most airlines offer similar deals. Continental’s is call RewardOne. Amtrak has one. I’m pretty sure JetBlue does, too.

    In many cases they do require a minimum number of employees to register with the company (3-5) but if you can round up such a group it isn’t so bad.

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