Top 10 Mundane Things That Make Me a Happy Traveler

Traveling is not all about sightseeing, great restaurants and experiencing new cities. While these things are great and can make for really enjoyable travel, they are not always in the plans for weekly business travelers. We travel more often because we have to, not because we want to.

For those of us who travel routinely, it can sometimes be mundane things that happen to us along our journey that get us excited. Or we create our own fun with little games we play with ourselves to get through the stress of travel (such as “if I leave this bottle of liquid hand lotion in my purse, will TSA spot it?” or “how many pennies can I leave in my pocket before I’ll ding?”).

In looking back at my countless travel days, there are many events that got me excited or made me smile, some so boring you may wonder if I have a life! So here I share –

Top 10 mundane things (Letterman-style) that make me a very happy traveler:

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