Everyone Says I’m Crazy, But This Travel Seems Normal to Me

As I write this, I’m on my way to Sydney, Australia. I left my home in Orlando on Monday, spent four days with a client in Houston and am now in mid-air for the beginning of a 26-hour journey. Nothing crazy about that so far, is there?

What’s crazy is that I’ll be in Sydney for only 3 days. 52 hours of travel time for 72 hours in Australia. That’s why I’m getting a lot of comments about being crazy. You’re probably thinking the same thing. I think it’s perfectly normal – for me, anyway.

Why only 3 days? Because my husband (who’s also going on this short trip) and I both have busy careers and this is all the time we be away at this time.

So why go at all? Because the airfares on Delta were ridiculously inexpensive ($850.00 taxes included from Houston for coach), because we love to travel and we’ve not yet been to Australia. So off we go. I’ll meet up with myhusband in L.A. and we’ll take our coach seats and settle in for a 15-hour flight.

What can we do in only 72 hours? We’ve got a full itinerary planned to do a harbor cruise, visit the Sydney Zoo, Opera House, a kangaroo farm, outdoor restaurants along the Harbor and more. Several restaurant recommendations will fill up our meal schedule. My husband will be up early taking photographs of the rising sun, while I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast at the lounge in the Marriott Sydney Harbour (Marriott reward points are taking care of our hotel stay). We always make the most of our time.

I did a similar trip earlier this year to Hong Kong. We were amazed at the variety of tourist and local venues we visited, restaurants we ate at and people we met, all in 72 hours. Midnight shopping at the Ladies’ Market was so much fun. I don’t know if I’ve ever shopped at midnight before.

So I’m excited about another adventure. It’ll never be long enough to experience all the greatness of Australia, but it’ll give us a taste of what we enjoy and help us plan for a future multi-week trip.

So call me crazy, but when someone asks next week what I did over the weekend, I’ll be able to say that I took a quick jaunt over to Australia. Call me crazy, but I’ll know I’ll be having a fabulous time this weekend!


  1. sounds great to me! any amount of time in a new city is worth it. better than not having the experience at all because “it wouldn’t be enough time”. you’re creating your time and creating your life. I love it!

  2. Sydney is looking spectacular today, hope the great weather continues for your short trip!

  3. Join the club, we are currently doing the exact 3 days in MEL, flying out of SFO on Thu and back on Tuesday.
    Not sure it is crazy, we enjoy traveling, and this is the only time we have this weekend 🙂

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