Cutting down on driving distra … oh, a new email!

Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’re waiting for that important email from the office, or maybe just a text message about where your kids are at. Your phone vibrates, and the natural reaction for a lot of us is to take our attention off the road, if only for a second. When you look back up, brake lights! You know you shouldn’t be on your phone while driving, but then again we were all taught to keep our hands at 10 and 2 at all times.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 20% of 2008’s auto accidents were caused by distracted driving ( So what can you do to cut down on the distractions? A hands-free headset is a great start, but our phones are so much more capable these days. What about your text messages and emails? This is where comes in. is a mobile application that reads aloud your emails and texts. With one-touch activation, all you have to do it turn on the app when you get in the car. You can even set up auto-responders so your contacts know you’re driving. Keep your focus where it should be … on the road! is currently available for Blackberry and Android phones, with iPhone and Windows Mobile versions coming soon. There is a free, limited version available so you can try-before-you-buy. You can also purchase a Personal/Family license, or a Business/Enterprise level license. Check it out today.


  1. Many Windows Mobile phones already have an earpiece setting that will read the email message subject as it comes in. At least then you can decide whether it’s worthwhile to pick up the phone.

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