I Wish I Could Fly

This sounds silly coming from someone who flies on a plane just about every week of every year. I wish I could fly. No, not ordinary flying with the help of a jet with engines and wings – just me.

I realized this last night as I was virtually running through Houston’s Intercontinental (IAH) airport. I got off my plane from LAX at 10:30pm. I had my luggage with me so I was ready to get out of the airport as quick as possible. The terminal was quiet and all of the stores were closed. It was me, an empty moving walkway, and a long, long, long distance to walk between the last gate of Terminal E and the rental car bus location.

I started race-walking – trying to beat my previous time at exiting the airport terminal. This is a crazy way of entertaining myself, but when you go through airports week after week as I do, entertainment can be found in some interesting ways!

I so wanted to just lift my feet, fire up little engines in my shoes and fly through the terminal … down the escalator, out the door to the rental car bus, hovering several feet above the ground. Better yet; I wanted to ‘fly’ over to the rental car facility and avoid the 15-minute wait for the bus and the 10-minute drive. Phew! By then I’d be ready to turn the transportation over to my rental car. But 40 minutes of my valuable time could have been recovered in a few minutes of me taking matters into my own hands, or feet, as the case may be.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn on our personal jets and get through the airport quicker? Look at the hours we could use for more fun things! One hour a week of in-airport navigation, 50 weeks each year could save more than a workweek of time. Jet ourselves through TSA and we’ve gained back another couple of weeks!

So next time you’re flying through IAH, MCO, LAX, LAS or ???, just picture me a few feet up, flying through the airport terminal with my roller-bag trailing behind me. And I’ll keep dreaming that somehow this all comes true!


  1. Funny read, and I have to admit I’d like to, too. I used to daydream/pretend that I could fly as a kid, and still occasionally have dreams that I can today.

  2. Hi Darren — I think a lot of us had that dream as a kid!
    I’ll be racing through an airport again tonight… always trying to beat my own record of speedwalking and maneuvering between people on the moving walkway.

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