Why I Sometimes Don’t Want My Flight to End

Today was one of those flights that I wished could have gone on for another couple of hours; an extended up in the air time would have been great. No turbulence, no pilot talking – just smooth flying.

Why would I wish such a thing? Because I was enjoying a nice nap and I wanted it to last a lot longer.

One of the flight attendants was adamant about waking me up during flight. “Do you want a blanket?” “Do you want a blanket?” “DO YOU WANT A BLANKET?” I could hear her leaning over me and I tried to ignore her, but the voice kept getting louder. She really wanted me to have a blanket. I was all cozy under my soft pashmina shawl with my eyes closed, but I guess I must have looked cold to her.

I was able to get back to sleep (without the help of an airline blanket, thank you). It’s not often that I can really get a good rest on a plane, but sheer exhaustion and no crying babies made it easy today.

My nap ended all too soon as the pilot announced that we were beginning our descent. Nooooo – please just keep flying!

Alas, our flight ended. I tried to catch a few more winks on the rental car bus, but it just wasn’t the same.

Next time I’m impatiently waiting for the flight to end, please remind me that I actually said to the world that today … I just did not want my flight to end.


  1. So nice. Nice to hear someone else not so happy about babies up front. I just got back from AMS-DTW and for 8 of the 8.08 hrs of the flight a 1 year old SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED while mom & grandma walked up and down the first class isle. I wish I had your sleep!

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