Who Really Uses This Hotel Amenity?

I think this hotel amenity is in a no-win situation – the bathroom scale. While a scale isn’t a common-place hotel amenity, I have been seeing them in various hotels. I just wonder how many people really use it?

I may get on the scale once just to compare its accuracy to my home scale. If it shows a higher number than my scale at home, then I discount its accuracy. Surely I haven’t eaten THAT much during my trip!

If the scale shows a lower number, I’ve love to believe it but would most likely be skeptical of the number. Hence, a no-win situation.

I’ve taken a poll of several female travelers and hear the same thing from them. So weigh in here (pun intended) and post a comment if you use a hotel’s bathroom scale.


  1. I only use it to weigh my luggage if I’ve picked up several books at a convention to see whether I need to ship them home or can take them in my suitcase. Yes, I admit to checking luggage at times.

  2. I also only use it to weigh my luggage when I think I may have picked up a few too many things on my trip. It would be fine to have in the gym but I think having a scale in the room is a cruel joke.

  3. Karen — I agree about the cruel joke! I was talking with a girlfriend about this and she said that scale sits their taunting her each time she goes into the hotel room bathroom. She doesn’t like the head games that result.

    PlaneReality — Post your hotel’s name at http://bit.ly/9jMJB1 as we’re keeping a list of where the bathroom scales are sited.


  4. As someone who is in the habit of weighing myself every morning when I get up, I would really appreciate having a bathroom scale in my hotel bathroom if I were there for more than a day or two. I don’t worry about the difference in weight between my scale and theirs, it is more the day to day variation I’m watching for, especially if it is an upward trend. Keeps me honest and I can adjust my eating before I get an unhappy surprise when I get home.

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