Gate Agent for a Day

Recently I was in Atlanta where I spent the day as a Delta Air Lines gate agent. Carol, the editor of Pearls of Travel Wisdom (aka my wife), asked me to write a blog about it to pass along my experiences to her readers.

I was fine with the idea but it actually took me a few days just to get it down to three typewritten pages. In other words, much too long for a blog post. Hard as I tried, there was no way I could convey the events of that day in 500 words or less.

The short version is that it was an incredible opportunity to see the world of flying from behind a gate counter after so many years of seeing everything from the passenger side. For example, it was quite eye-opening to see some of the reasons firsthand why flights may be delayed.

This day – one of the better part of a week in Atlanta – changed forever the way I see flying and the airline industry. If you want to see more of my journey, buckle your seatbelt and fly to my full story …

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