Security Experience #2 of 3 Today

I am flying from Aberdeen, Scotland to Orlando, Florida today.  Three flights and three passages through Security – in Aberdeen, London Heathrow and Newark.

This is the second in a diary of security experiences today to see what the similarities and differences are amongst security in different countries and different airports.  Will it be the same, same? Or same but different?

We’ll see . . .

London Heathrow 12:00pm

I’m connecting from a UK flight to an international flight with a change of terminals and another time through security.

I’m in Terminal 4.  No security line at all.  This is a first! Usually there is a line of 20 or so travelers ahead of me, most of them novices, but today I walk right up and grab my bins.

I unload my two laptops, take of my shoes and toss my purse into a bin. The Kindle is staying inside the laptop tote to see if it gets flagged as an electronic like it did in Aberdeen. Nope; the bag sailed right through.

The security people were busy chatting with one another, so it was easy sailing through this security checkpoint. I expected a more thorough search here, but since I’ve only got literally a few minutes before my flight takes off, I’m happy with the fastest security experience I’ve had in a very long time.

Onto my next flight into the US. Next security passage: Newark.

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