Suitcase Sunday

It’s been a great four days at home, though within hours it’s all over. Back on the road tomorrow.

My husband and I are spending the last night of the long Thanksgiving weekend packing. No Black Friday or Cyber Monday for us.  It’s Suitcase Sunday in our house!

Tomorrow I head east to Scotland. He heads west to Hong Kong. I’ll be in snowy, 30 degree weather. He’ll be in sunny, 70 degree weather.

We meet up in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks, where hopefully the weather is neither snowy or 30 degrees!

Tonight we’re meeting up in the closet where we’re each grabbing what we’ll need for our respective travels. I’m yanking out every long sleeve sweater I have, he’s pulling out shorts and baseball caps for his weekends.

We have a lot to get done if we hope to actually sleep in our bed tonight, so I’m off to start loading up the suitcase.

Happy Suitcase Sunday to you if you’re heading home or back on the road.


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