You Know You’re Traveling Too Much When …

It’s easy to know you’re traveling too much when you open your wallet and 75 award program cards fall out, or your passport has so many extra pages added that it’s now War and Peace size. But what are the signs in your home life that get you shaking your head saying “I just travel too darn much!”

Check out the thread at FlyerTalk and laugh as you see your own situations shared by others or realize you’ve had “the signs” and didn’t realize it! And add in your two cents worth on how travel has sneakily taken over part of your life. (Hint: If you’re ordering Biscoff cookies for names on your Christmas list, you DO travel too much!)




  1. Oh the day I have been traveling too much! There was a time when this was true but it has been years! I can’t wait! Until then I will live vicariously through you…glad you are here.

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