Hotel Rewards for the Entire Family – Including the Dog!

I’ve got countless hotel frequent stayer cards. My husband has his collection, too. And now our dog, Toby, is starting to collect his. For every 5 nights at Preppy Pets Suites, he gets a free night. Not bad for a reward program! And when using his free night, he still gets full points for the night on his next award card. That’s a better award program than what we’re getting! His stays include free bowled water and free wi-fi. Though the wi-fi is for us, really. We can watch Toby’s playtime with friends via Preppy Pet cameras while we’re traveling the world.

Preppy Pets Rewards Card

Toby isn’t as ecstatic about the free night as we are, as he’d prefer to be at home and not at the ‘Suites’ at Preppy Pets. He’d better hope they don’t start offering double points as we might just leave him there a fewdays longer. (Just kidding, Toby!)

Is your pet also collecting ‘hotel’ award points?


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