Anyone Seen my Husband?

Seems my husband is missing. Or maybe I am.

It was great being home for a couple weeks around Christmas but after that, the road was calling. That means companionship time suffers.

The travel season began in early January. Off to chilly Scotland for me but my husband and I had a great meetup in Ireland. Lots of fun but all too brief.

February was busy for me, beginning in Houston and back to Scotland, adding Norway to the itinerary. This month ends with me in New York and him in San Diego. No time for home but my husband and I did meet at a hotel for one weekend in Los Angeles. But hey, at least it was Valentine’s Day weekend.

March is another busy travel month but we will meet up for a few days in Chicago (Travel Goods Show!).

Ah April, finally some time at home for me. But wait, hubby is gone. He will be in China nearly the whole month. Hmm, my crystal ball is showing me on a road trip to China for a long weekend meetup.

At least we can look forward to May. Two weeks together with the family in Hawaii. Enjoying the fruits of our air miles and hotel points.

And it is easy to be excited about June as well. A wonderful 10-day trip to France, touring the country together on “The Ultimate Wine Fantasy Experience” hosted by a French baron!

Oddly, my husband and I meet up all over the world but rarely sit face to face at home. Sure, it would be nice to have “Beam me up, Scottie” but we’re not there yet. So how do we deal with being separated so much? Most often the answer is Skype (and a strong relationship).

While Skype is not the same as being together, it really is wonderful for connections. Think about it: Five years ago all we could do was talk on the phone. That was nice but no video and if it was international, the calling costs were quite high.

Today there is free audio/video and we take advantage of it. Sometimes our ‘calls’ are a couple hours long and we do connect every day. Not the same as reaching out and touching someone but a pretty good alternative when two people are half a world apart.

Hmm, I wonder if marriage vows now include “In Sickness and in Health, in Skype and in Real Life … ?”

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