My £14.99 Airfare Actually Cost 462% More!

I booked my first-ever ticket on Aer Lingus. The airfare from Glasgow, Scotland to Dublin, Ireland, a quick hour flight, was only £14.99 (about $22.00 US). A great fare! Or so I thought.

Then the taxes added in at £37.29; plus an online handling fee of £5.00. Then add a baggage fee (yes, I had to check a bag on my 22-day trip) of £12.00 for 20kg (44 pounds). Any extra weight, and the pounds keep adding on (literally!).

There was also a sports equipment price, which thankfully I had no need for. But look at this list! Each golf bag, pair of skis, surfboard and more costs an additional £25.00.

In the end, my excitement over a 14.99 airfare quickly went to irritation as I saw the total add up to £69.28.

Aer Lingus also had a promotion going for ‘free fares’. Hmmph, free? I’m not picking on Aer Lingus, as they’re not the only airline with uber-enticing airfares that wind up costing you more than what you ever planned for, but a ticket price that quadruples seems a bit outrageous.

Has this ever happened to you? Share you outrageous fees below.



  1. It happens all the time on LCC in Europe, it’s all in the fine print. At least they tell you upfront and not at the airport. I actually have never flown a LCC in Europe, even though I live here.

    P.S.: It’s 362% more. It’s 4.62 times including the original amount.

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