Your Life on the Road — as a Reality Show!

It’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t travel a lot what our lives are like. We go days, weeks even, without seeing our kids and spouse. We drop in on friends when it’s convenient for us, like birds flittering down to land every once in a while to get grounded again. We have refrigerators that hold bottles of water and green masses of mold, and full sized bottles of shampoo confuse us.

We spend more time with colleagues and strangers of the opposite sex than we do our own spouse (no, not in that way, but at meetings, over dinners, seatmate times on a flight, co-commiserators over a delayed flight). You see the same people on the same flights, week after week, and know them better than you know your siblings.

Every business trip is like an episode of Survivor. Living on ghastly airport foods, hurdling over families with their little kids as they meander ever soooo slowly through the airport, figuring out how to cram a 22-inch bag into 6 inches of remaining overhead bin space and, the ultimate challenge, trying to get your rollaboard into the bathroom stall AND be able to close the door. It’s a rough world out there!

And our friends and family think we have such a glamorous life!

So if a network were to walk up to you, as you have boarding pass in hand anxiously awaiting the go-ahead to board your flight, and offer you your very own reality show, what name will be up in lights for you?

Me? “Your Hotel or Mine?”

And yours?



  1. trying to get your rollaboard into the bathroom stall AND be able to close the door. <— AND trying not to let it rub against the toilet or anything else! Blech.

    My show would probably be something about the un-glamorous life of travel.

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