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A Different Variety of Business Traveler

They’re not your typical type of ‘business travelers.’ They caravan from one city to another with trailers full of art and great hope for big sales. Many of them know each other as they go from one outdoor event to another throughout ‘the season.’

Just who are these business travelers? They are the artists and craftsmen who labor on their creations during the week, then get behind the wheel to bring their one-of-a-kind pieces to us — their buyers and art connoisseurs.

This weekend, all roads fed into the city of Winter Park, Florida for the 52nd Annual Winter Park Art Festival. They come from California, Oregon, North Caroline, Michigan, Wisconsin and numerous other states, all for the opportunity to show, and hopefully sell, their unique and beautiful art for three days.

They sleep in their campers or look for economy hotels. They’re up at the crack of dawn to set up their booths, Starbucks in hand to get them going. They mingle with the thousands of lookers, make deals with the buyers. They sit in the shade when they can, asking their neighbor which locale they’re heading to next. When the three days are over, they pack it all up again and begin their journey to the next city.

They have more miles in (car) seat than most. They know how to scope out inexpensive eateries and places to sleep. They have great tips for packing fragiles and packing fast. They travel week after week for months on end.

Yes, they’re definitely business travelers . . . just of a different sort.

Check out their creations and the crowds they attract: Scenes from Winter Park Art Festival.

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