Do You Book Travel from Your Smart Phone?

Women are less likely than men to book travel from their mobile devices (21% vs. 29%), says an Adobe Mobile Experience Survey. I am in the other 79% of women because I have not yet booked any travel from my mobile phone.

Oh, I’ve tried. There are many weeks where I forget to book a car rental. Once the plane hits the ground, my phone is on and I’m clicking on Hertz’s site as fast as I can. Trouble is, I don’t know my login info so I don’t get too far. I need my own account so that I get the corporate rate that’s on my profile.

Yes, I know there are several apps for a smart phone that will save logins and passwords. I just haven’t made the time yet to get everything into my phone. (If you do know of any easy way to move all Roboform logins and passwords to an iPhone, do share!).

Since I have all my logins and passwords safely secured (I hope) on my laptop, I do all my bookings there. I can book a Continental or Delta flight practically in my sleep because I know their sites so well. I think it would slow me down considerably to do this on my iPhone, especially since the screen is so much smaller. Though I do see the benefit of last-minute bookings via phone (as I’ve tried to do) or when your computer just isn’t available.

According to Smart Phones Change How Business Travelers Book, Priceline saw that 82 percent of customers with mobile devices booked their hotel rooms within one day of arrival and 58 percent of customers with mobile devices were within 20 miles of their hotel when they made the booking and 35 percent were within just a mile. Amazing! They’re just as last minute as I am!

So for those of you in the 21% of women and 29% of men who do book via your mobile device, please give us mobile phone avoiders your pros and cons to booking via the small screen. And a lot of you may tell us to Buy an iPad!

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