Lo & Sons Bags at the Travel Goods Show

I had the great pleasure of meeting the team of Lo & Sons Bags — Helen Lo and her sons Derek and Jan when I was at the Travel Goods Show in Chicago. Lo & Sons offer women stylish travel totes with lots of practical details. Numerous pockets offer options to keep your valuables secure and protected, while also allowing easy access to your boarding pass, book, etc. Whether you travel or not, these bags are very functional.

I wish I had the Lo & Sons’ OG bag when I worked in downtown Chicago and ran from the train to my office, switching from sneakers into dress shoes once I arrived. It’s great for keeping a pair of shoes (or even a wet umbrella) in the underside compartment away from everything else in your tote.

Helen shows you her company’s totes in this video taken at the Travel Goods Show.

If you’re interested in one of these travel totes, head over to Lo & Sons Bags.


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