Travelpro’s New Walkabout Lite 4

While at the Travel Goods Show in Chicago, I met with Scott Applebee, Vice President of Marketing for Travelpro. Scott provided a preview for on the brand new Walkabout Lite 4 series 21″ spinner being introduced in June. This rollaboard weighs in at only 7 ½ pounds and has lots of practical benefits for the frequent traveler, including a light colored inside fabric to make it easy to see all that you’ve packed. With 8 well-built wheels, it’ll be easy to push this bag through the airport (and maneuver into the small airport bathroom stalls!).

So if you’re thinking of adding a new bag to your collection this summer, watch for Travelpro’s Walkabout Lite 4 series.

My motto is: One can never have too many bags!



  1. I just received one of their top of the line Travelpro Platinum Series bags for Christmas. On my first trip to Beijing, with this brand new bag, the handle would not close at the airport…what a joke. Travelpro’s quality has gone downhill over the years…buyer beware.

  2. Hi Bob, I am sorry about your bad experience with the retractable handle on your Platinum luggage. This product carries a lifetime warranty and even includes damage caused by airline baggage handlers. Please call our customer service department at 1-800-741-7471 and we will address your problem immediately.

    I apologize for the incovenience, but this is definitely not indicative of our product quality. We would not offer such a robust warranty if we felt that the quality problem that you experienced would occur regularly.

    Best Regards

    Scott Applebee
    VP Marketing Travelpro International, Inc

  3. Scott:

    Actually, your company already replaced it, within two days they sent me a new one when I returned from Beijing. I was just frustrated my colleagues had to get another taxi because the only way the Platinum Duffel type bag would fit was in the back seat of the taxi. I have always sworn by Travelpro, especially the Platinum Series for quality, but the handle retracting issue has always been a sore spot…the bag looks great after a few years but the handle won’t retract or extend…these are on the 22″ carry-ons that never get checked. I have always had great customer service from Travelpro, they do stand behind what they make, although I do think the retracting handle issue needs to be re-engineered.

  4. Hi Bob, thanks for responding and sorry again for the handle failure. Actually, we do extensive testing and inspection on our retractable handle systems. However, sometimes, one is not manufactured correctly. We are aware that the retractable handle has more moving parts than other components within the luggage. Therefore, we try to ensure that the handle system does not fail.

  5. I have to agree on the quality. I travel weekly and can’t tolerate downtime for my luggage to be repaired.

    I bought an Atlantic bag (travelpro sister company) and it lasted 5 years w/o issues. After hearing great experiences with Travelpro, I changed bags to a 20″ crew 7. Complete junk in terms of design and construction- the feet on the bottom of the bag are too tall and it tips when not being held, ALL the zippers broke, fabric frayed and discolored, and I’m on my third retractable handle. This week the top grab handle gave way. I’ve decided to just get rid of it and bought a Briggs and Riley bag.

  6. I have to agree re Travelpro quality issues. I have an old walkabout.. 20″ and it got me thru 15 yrs of business travel without a hitch. So, last yr I bought a 22″ ultra lite rollerboard. I took 3-4 trips with it. On my most recent trip the handle would not go back down when I got to the airline counter. The ticket agent played with it until it went back in… seems the telescopic part got somehow separated… but at least I was able to get it working for my return trip. It acted up again when I got home. This is VERY DISAPPOINTING. Travelpro appears to have fallen from travel grace. Great way to lose customers!

  7. These reviews are very helpful. Thanks for the heads up.. Hv been looking for great affordable luggage for our Trip over seas an was looking at the TravelPro.. Hv heard great things in the past about TP..but We can’t afford luggage issues.. So I guess we will be giving Travel Pro a pass..

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