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Do You Have Everyone’s Dream Travel Job?

I have a renewed perspective on my busy travel life after this encounter.

I was at my bank the other day opening an account. The financial services advisor I was working with was asking about my business. She asked about the t-shirt I was wearing. “Is that your business?” she asked, pointing to the logo on my shirt. “Yes,” I replied, “Smart Women Travelers is one of my businesses.”

Then came the barrage of questions: What do you do, where do you travel, and what’s your favorite place?

As I kept answering her questions: I help travelers travel smarter, safer and with more enjoyment; I travel all over the world; the Greek Islands are my favorite place, I could see that my new account was going to take longer than I hoped to get set up.

Then she said the words you may also have heard before: “Wow, you really have the dream job!”

My initial thought was “Are you kidding? – I traveled all or part of 50 weeks last year!”

But I didn’t react out loud. I thought about it while she was busy filling out the endless bank forms.

The downsides can be many. I miss:

  • Being home at night with my husband.
  • Walking our dog around our neighborhood each night.
  • Sleeping in my own bed, my full-size bottles of liquid, and my refrigerator full of fresh foods.
  • Being able to meet up with friends during the week.
  • Having all 7 days of the week to get things done, instead only having 2 or 3 or no days.

Though the upsides are amazing. I have:

  • Visited 49 of the U.S. States (tiny Rhode Island is the only one still on the list).
  • Been to countries all over the globe.
  • Friends in many cities and many countries.
  • The opportunity for my husband to often travel with me.
  • Stayed in some beautiful hotels, visited breathtaking sites and eaten amazing food.
  • Enjoyed wonderful red wines along some of the most beautiful waters on the planet.
  • Miles and points sufficient to take my entire family on vacation.
  • A refrigerator door full of magnets from most places I’ve been and I’m so grateful every time I look at them.

So yes, I guess I do have the dream job.

It can certainly seem this way from someone else looking in. And it looks that way to me, too!








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  1. Great post! I’m in a similar situation and totally agree. There are times I let the minor stuff get me down way too much (like the slow person ahead of me at the TSA checkpoint or a lousy choice of rental cars, or a first class upgrade that didn’t clear), forgetting how many places I’ve been able to see and how many people I know who rarely get any sort of vacation. Encounters like the one you had at your bank really put things in perspective.

  2. Doesn’t it all come down to what is important to you and what you value the most? If you value spending time at home with your family and loved ones, then it makes sense to do that. However, if traveling and seeing places (I have been to 45 states…Rhode Island being one I’m lacking!) is more important, than that is obviously where your value is.

    There can always be a balance and or importance placed on both. Good post!

  3. Steve — Thanks for the comment. Yes, it does put perspective on the annoyances of travel when there are so many people that do not have the opportunity to travel.

    Ben — I’ve always struggled with valuing both — home and travel. I wish I could duplicate myself and do both! And I think we need to plan a roadtrip to Rhode Island!

  4. I have traveled all my life, i love it. Having worked for 13 summers around the Meditterranean in Greece, Turkey and spain I now find it hard to live a regular family life. When i’m away I miss my family and when i’m at home I miss sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by. Greece is also my favorite, the Cyclades are hard to beat…

  5. Hi Alan — I’m with you — Santorini and Mykonos are my favorite! Sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by is a fav of mine also — from anywhere in the world!

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