March’s Most Popular Articles

Here are the most popular articles from both Smart Women Travelers and Pearls of Travel Wisdom.

Would You Like to Work Out In Your Hotel Room? – Are you one to use the fitness center, or could you get accustomed to the every growing trend of working out in the room?

7 Helpful Tips Before Attending Your Next Conference – Be prepared before your next trip.

Learning a Foreign Language on the Go – This guest post by Susanna Zaraysky shows that picking up another doesn’t have to be difficult.

Top Ways to Make the Best of a Flight Delay – Bookmark this post for the next time severe weather or mechanical issues keep you at B15 longer than you’d like.

When Disaster Happens, Does the State Department Know Where You Are? – Hopefully you are never caught off guard in another country during a tsunami or democratic revolution, but if you are, make sure Uncle Sam knows where you are.

SCOTTEVEST – Love this Coat for Travel! – Take a look at this great coat and it’s many, many pockets.

5 Products from the Travel Goods Show – A compilation of some of the neatest products at the Travel Goods Show from Chicago.

More Cool Products from the Travel Goods Show – There were so many great products at the show that we had to make a second video.

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