Tangle-Free Jewelry Tips

Wearing jewelry is a great way to have a different look each day during your travels. When interchanging outfits to create a different look from clothes worn earlier on your trip, adding a colorful necklace or dangly earrings can make you look and feel like the outfit is all brand new.

But isn’t it maddening to open your jewelry pouch and find the necklaces have become a tangled mess in transit? Even worse, after untangling them once, they get all tangled again on the return trip home. The necklaces might still be sitting on top of your dresser right now waiting to be unraveled. Then you can finally put them away in their proper place.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your jewelry tangle-free, so you can wear it without frustration as well as keep it in place both away and when heading back home:

  • Get yourself a few straws (McDonald’s has nice fat straws); cut them to a little less than half the length of the necklace chain. Drop one end of the chain through the straw and clasp the chain shut.
  • Flatten an empty toilet paper tube and hang several necklaces in each one, clasping the chains shut. This may not look pretty, but it’s functional and light-weight. If the look bothers you, cover the tube with fabric or stickers.
  • Use a snack-size plastic bag for each chunky necklace.
  • Use the tiny Ziploc bags that extra buttons come in when you buy clothes. They’re great for holding a thin necklace, a pair of earrings or a pendant for a necklace.

Now when you get to your destination, your jewelry will be ready to wear. No more tangles!

When it comes to jewelry and luggage, only put custom pieces in your bag. Even if you plan on having a carry-on, your luggage may end up being checked. Never take chances with valuable jewelry disappearing en route.

Bonus tip: Leave the larger metallic jewelry items (belts, too) for a non-flight day; otherwise you’ll spend valuable time removing them when going through the security lines.

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