Eclozets – Have Your Own Clothes Transported to Your Next Location

In front of my in the TSA line today was a traveler with just his briefcase – no luggage (not even a laptop). I thought, “how lucky to just have a day trip and not have to pack a bag.” I had one of those day trips once – just once in all my years of business travel.

But maybe this traveler is taking advantage of Eclozets and his clothes will be waiting for him upon arrival at his hotel. Eclozets is a service that carries an inventory of your clothes. Let them know when you’re traveling and what clothes you want sent and they’ll take care of it. Your clothes will be waiting for you upon your arrival and they’ll be picked up the morning after you check out to be dry cleaned and returned to their hub. Hmmm … interesting concept.

Up to 40 pounds of your clothes can be inventoried at Eclozets. Go online, select your clothing for your next trip along with your destination, and forget about packing!

Well, sort of. I’d still be packing a bag with my toiletries, makeup, workout and casual clothes, shoes, etc. Though it would be a much smaller and lighter bag if business attire was sent separately by Eclozets, especially suits. Also, the dry cleaning is taken care of. No more running to the dry cleaners when you have so little time at home.

The service is currently available on the East Coast of the U.S., and coming soon to the western states.

For my travels where I do check a bag, it is usually international where I am gone for a few weeks. Here’s where I would really like this service! Otherwise 99% of my domestic flights are carry-on luggage only. There is no mention of international shipment and pickup as of yet.

Check out Eclozets if you’d like to be like that guy at the airport this morning – Mr. No Luggage.

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