New Airport Screening Prototype

For the past ten years, Airport security hasn’t changed that much. Sure, the restrictions have become more severe and the screening process more invasive, but really, it’s still the same system. You put your bags through the X-Ray machine, and you walk through the metal detector, maybe getting a more personal inspection from a TSA agent. Recently, the government agency has introduced their Advanced Imaging Technology scanners, but it’s just another step in the same old process.

What if we got rid of the current system all together? What if you didn’t have to take off your shoes, take out your laptop, or remove your jacket? And what if this system was not only faster than our current checkpoints, but also cheaper?!?!

Well the International Air Transport Association turned “What if?” into “Why not?” They just unveiled their concept for the Checkpoint of the future, using biometrics and advanced scanners to simplify and speed up the checkpoint process.

Check out the video below to see how it works (the video has no sound).

Would you welcome this system at your favorite airport?

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