200,000+ Miles over 47 weeks and Amazingly No Travel Mishaps!

For my year-end review of my 2011 travels, my butt-in-seat air miles added up to 201,832 and I was gone for part or all of 47 weeks. I had lots of travel to Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas domestically, and several international trips to the UK, France, Norway and Singapore.

With my Continental Platinum, I was upgraded 100% of the time on my domestic flights. My Delta Diamond status also got me upgraded 100% of the time within the US. I succeeded a few times in using my system-wide upgrades on my Continental international flights; while watching my Delta upgrades sit idle in my account. My attempt to get six Delta first-class seats to Hawaii for my family, all on the same flight, was a 100% success (80,000 miles each).

I checked my bag about 20% of the time, usually on my longer international flights. I had TSA greeting cards in only a few of these checked bags and no lost or stolen items that I’m aware of.

All these stats are ho-hum – what’s really amazing is my 0% travel mishap stat for 2011.

Not one lost bag; not one significantly delayed flight (a few flights were up to two hours late, but that’s all); not one issue with TSA. Oops … strike that last one. TSA did nab my water bottle that I had with me during my 39-Mile Avon Walk in NYC in October because there was about 1″ of water left in it. Yes, this made me mad that day and I guess I’m still not over it if I’m writing about it. No overnight sleeping in airports this year; no sitting on tarmacs for hours on end; no being walked by a hotel.

Oh, I’ve had my share of travel woes. My first 13 years of travel were in and out of O’Hare where I needed a taxi to and fro for only a three mile ride. I don’t know what was worse; the delays at O’Hare or the verbal beatings by the taxi drivers.

So I am very grateful for a boring year – the first in a quarter of a century of travel for me. I guess every 25 years or so a frequent traveler is due for a good year. I do hope this is the beginning of a good travel karma streak that repeats itself in 2012 and doesn’t make me wait this long again.

Here’s to good travel karma in 2012 – for you and for me!

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  1. Your CO domestic upgrade rate is unfathomable to me. I’m Platinum also and my upgrade rate is under 50%

  2. Yes, Carl, I’m surprised too! I fly into IAH mostly, though also had many flights to EWR. My upgrades didn’t always come through until the last minute, but they came through. Will this continue now that CO/UA are fully one? Doubtful but hopeful.

  3. Ditto Carl, for me as a DL Diamond I missed out on plenty of upgrades, ATL-PHL flights being a particular cattle call of Sky Priority boarding filling the whole plane. I also constantly same-day confirmed and miss out a lot that way.

  4. Same here as DL Diamond and departing ATL-SMF weekly entire year. Upgraded appr 50% of time. Her stats are outliers for sure

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