Booking (Un)Success — It’s Not in the Stars for Hotels or Cars for Me

Travel booking for the upcoming weeks is total frustration tonight. I tried to book rooms at Marriott and Hilton and both gave me errors after I had selected the dates and room. Well, first it was Hilton’s site that was having technical difficulties. One strike and they were out. Over to Marriott I went. No luck there either. I thought it might be Internet Explorer so I tried Firefox. Nope, that isn’t the issue. The websites display but just won’t take me all the way through.

Ok, I’ll at least get my car rentals booked. Oh no … Hertz’s website is down also.

What is this – Sunday night system updates? I usually like to book my own hotels and cars, as well as most domestic flights, but this is crazy and a frustrating waste of time. A travel agent may be worth it to deal with all of this.

I’m not even going to try to book airline tickets tonight. My usual good travel karma isn’t in the stars this evening. I’ll wait this one out and try again later this week.


Are you, too, experiencing this Sunday night blackout?



p.s. Now I can’t even tweet either! Is it just a very busy time on the internet or is someone trying to tell me to turn off the technology for the night?





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