Keep Your Boarding Pass (Paper or Electronic)!

Whether it’s an airline merger that has recently taken place, a new airline you’re flying or just a routine flight on an itinerary you fly every week, always keep your boarding pass!

Why? So when airline miles come up missing on your mileage account or you need to apply your recent flight to a new airline, you have the proof necessary to get the mileage credit.

How? Saving the paper boarding pass is easy, but many of us have now switched to paperless electronic boarding passes. So how do you save that? Easy. Snap a photo of it on your mobile phone before you head to the airport. This not only serves as your copy of the boarding pass, but it’s also usually quicker to display a photo from your mobile phone than it is to go to your airline’s website to produce your boarding pass (and no worries about an internet connection being bad just as you walk up to TSA or the boarding pass not being available on a future date).

How long do you save your boarding pass? Just until you see the miles correctly posted to your mileage account. I say correctly posted because I recently received only partial credit for an international flight so now I’ve got a case logged with the airline to get the rest of the miles posted – so I’m hanging onto this boarding pass until resolved. Once correctly posted, toss that paper boarding pass into the recycle bin or purge the photo from your phone.

Here’s a video on this topic from my site Smart Women Travelers.

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