Smart Little Book Takes on Travel Industry Giants for Top Innovation Prize

Author’s savvy earns “Business Travel Success” a finalist spot on the 2012 Business Traveler Innovation Awards ballot

Global Business Travel Association GTBA

Orlando, FL 14 June, 2012 – Sometimes success really is about what you know. For Carol Margolis, veteran of over 25 years of traveling on six continents—sometimes 50 weeks out of the year—her knowledge of how to travel safely, productively, constantly, and still keep her sanity and her family has landed her new book on one of the most prestigious awards lists in the travel industry. Smart Women Travelers, a company dedicated to making business travel easier, today announced that founder Margolis’ book, Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence, is a finalist for the Business Traveler People’s Choice Innovation of the Year Award in the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) [] and Fast Company Innovations of the Year [] competition.

The nomination puts Margolis’ book up against stiff competition from the likes of travel industry powerhouses such as Hertz, Avis, Targus, and Concur. However, even those giants lack the sheer depth of hands-on travel experience Margolis brings to the goal of making a business traveler’s life easier and more productive. Business Travel Success is a compilation of tips, advice and strategies proven in every corner of the world by Margolis, who learned the hard way how to keep her cool and get the job done despite once landing at her destination only to discover her luggage was completely empty when she arrived.

These and other experiences, says Margolis, inspired her to found Smart Women Travelers, but Business Travel Success is not aimed just at women, but at all harried, stressed, and fast-moving business travelers everywhere. Says Jack Canfield, author of the internationally acclaimed Chicken Soup for the Soul, “Business Travel Success is the bible for business travelers, even if you only do one business trip a year… A book like this would have been very helpful when I began my business travel many years ago. Nevertheless, I still was amazed at how much I learned from this book even after 30 years of traveling.”

Nominated in the “Travel Personalization” category of Innovation Awards, Business Travel Success is the only book so honored. It teaches travelers, whether rank beginners or people like Canfield who have been road warriors for years, how to pack smarter and lighter, book the best airfare, get a great hotel room and be smart about car rentals. Of even more importance, travelers learn how to increase their odds of staying safe and healthy on the road; how to deal with solo travel and the dreaded dining alone; how to keep family and friend relationships strong across the miles; and the mysteries of international travel and getting the most from award programs.

Finalists were chosen from nominees submitted by travelers in May. Throughout June, individual business travelers are encouraged to vote online for their favorite innovations at the GBTA website. Winners will be announced during the 2012 GBTA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, held July 22-25.

To view the entire nominee list and vote for Business Travel Success or any other nominee, visit the GBTA Business Travel Innovation Awards page: [].

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About Carol Margolis:

As the CEO of an international consulting firm, Carol Margolis has spent 25 years traveling nationally and internationally across six continents for business.  She is the founder of Smart Women Travelers, which is dedicated to helping women who travel, and Business Travel Success, which helps both first-time travelers and seasoned road warriors improve their business travel experiences.  She blogs at

Margolis has experienced great success and appears on and, as well as being welcomed as a frequent radio and television guest on Good Morning America and Fox News.  She is also often quoted in USA Today, the LA Times, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and many more.


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