Favorite Features of Airline Apps

Check-in, mobile boarding passes, gate info, checking your mileage balance – these are basic features that you’d expect an airline app to have. Usage of these features is probably routine for you by now in this age of smart phones and tablets.

It’s the unique features that an airline app may offer that can be really helpful when you need them.

Delta’s ‘Track My Bags‘ feature, for example, is great when you’ve checked your bag and want peace of mind that your bag is on the same plane as you. While I typically carry on my luggage, my current multi-week, multi-city, multi-airline trip had me checking my bag. Issues with my bag and I being separated for hours on both Southwest and USAir really had me wishing that they each had the ‘Track Your Bag’ capability. United’s feature to see where your flight is coming from (and most importantly, when) is great when you’d like to anticipate your flight’s status. When there’s a feature you really like, you miss it when you go to another airline’s app.

There are also features I’m sure you’d love to have. For me, once my flight lands I’d like to get a Push notification of where the nearest lounge is based on my arrival gate. This is the #1 question that I am usually asking airport personnel when I get off a plane. I’m sure this is one airline and airport map apps, but a quick push notification would be great as I deplane.

What do you love about your airline app? And what would you like to see?

I’m at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) conference and the major airlines are here. Send me feedback on their apps and I’ll pass it along.

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