“Boarding is About to Begin”- My Push Notification Wish List

Notification on my phone that my flight is boarding? Sign me up! I am often sitting in the lounge trying to get a few last emails sent and time gets away. By the time I get to the gate, boarding of my flight is well underway, if not almost done!

This is just one of the alerts that business travelers are looking for in push notifications to their smartphones, according to a poll of 600 business travelers by FlightView. Automatic day-of-travel notifications are the most in-demand kind of services, which includes flight status, seat upgrade availability and the notice of flight boarding. Notice about 5 minutes prior to the start of boarding would be nicest for those with upgrades and status to board early!

The majority of poll takers said that when they are on the first leg of a connecting itinerary, they would like to see the departure status and gate location of their next segment. With in-flight wi-fi, this would be good to know during your first flight. Then you can either relax and enjoy the rest of the flight or start rebooking in the events of delays or missed connections.

A few years ago we didn’t even know what a ‘push notification’ was and now it’s just routine to expect them.

Read the full article at Executive Travel Magazine.

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