App Review: WorldMate for their Tips and Currency Tools

Two things I do a lot of when traveling are 1) calculating tips at restaurants and in taxis, and 2) calculating currency conversions. There are apps to do each of these, though I have found that WorldMate is my go-to app for both of these tasks.

While WorldMate’s primary features are for organizing your trips (I use TripIt for this task), it does have really handy tools that I use even though I do not use them for organizing my trips.

For calculating tips, select the country you are in and the customary tip is displayed. Not all countries are included, as I did not find my current location of Norway, but common business travel countries are included.

Enter the tip rate and the amount is calculated in the local currency.

For currency conversions, exchange rates are automatically updated for 160 currencies. Enter the home currency and see it converted to two other currencies, or enter the local currency and see it converted to your home currency. Very handy!

Here are some of WorldMate’s other features:

  • Itinerary Manager
  • Trip Items
  • Flight Search
  • Hotel Search
  • Search Hotels by Map
  • Weather Forecasts

I use the free version of the app since I am currently not using this to manage my trips or get alerts on hotel prices (though I’m going to look into this).

The WorldMate Gold app is currently at $9.99 and offers these additional features:

  • Real-time Flight Status
  • Flight Alert Notifications
  • Flight Delayed Alerts
  • And More

I have many apps on my phone that are seldom used, but this one is a keeper for these handy, easy to use tools. To find out more information on the app and get your copy, click here.

And WorldMate — if you do want to add Norway to your list for customary tipping, it is 10% in restaurants and 0% to a taxi driver.

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