Win a Seat with Randy Petersen – Share Your Words of Wisdom

Would you like to win an airline seat next to Randy Petersen? You can join him on the upcoming Star MegaDO4, flying on November 14/15, 2012 from San Francisco to Houston and on to Chicago.

Entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is post words of wisdom you would give a new business traveler. Post your entry in the comments below, and make sure to use your valid email address. You can also enter once on each of the participating Boarding Area blogs. The contest ends October 7th at 11:59, so make sure to post your words of wisdom on time!

Good luck!

For more information, visit the official contest page and the official rules page.



  1. Signup for every points/miles program you can. You never know when you will need that number!

  2. United Miles are in my opinion the most valuable, so sign up for the Mileage Plus program, and enjoy!

  3. Focus flying in one airline alliance, even if that occasionally entails sub-optimal routings.

  4. Never check a bag if you can avoid it. Carry-on gives you much more flexibility and less chance that the airline and lose it — unless they also lose you.

  5. To the extent you can, try to concentrate your travel on one airline for the elite perks.

  6. I shared tips on spending miles with a stranger last flight last week. We have become friends and found out that we have something in common in term of research/work!

  7. Take the long way home for more miles. Always remember a delayed flight can be on time. Always travel with a travel pllow just in case. Also lounge memebership may be helpful

  8. Do not be afraid to diversify your points/miles portfolio. You never know when a having points in that oddball program my come in handy.

  9. To all new business travelers: secure lounge access and have a good hotel program(s), always bring a decent power charger set for laptop and phone, develop good system to go through airport security so you go through efficiently without delay., e.g., wear slip on shoes, sans belts and extra jewelry. Smooth travel is satisfying!

  10. Consolidating your flights to one airline/alliance is key. Status is such a benefit if you’re flying regularly.

  11. Remember that business and pleasure can mix, but it will taste good only at the right balance!

  12. Read Boarding Pass everyday! You will learn everything you ever needed to know about all aspects of travel.

  13. Always make two extra copies of your travel documents. Keep one on you at all times and, if it’s not necessary to carry around the original, then put them in the hotel’s safe for safekeeping.

    Also, try to eat before getting on the aircraft. Make sure the foods are not salty or will make you dehydrated. Bring your own snacks or meal (yogurt and certain other foods are not permitted so check with the airlines). Speaking of dehydration, bring a small reusable water bottle and ask the airline attendant to fill it up so that you don’t have to keep asking them.

    If your flight has been delayed or cancelled and you need to get on the very next flight but there is a long waiting list, I find that genuinely smiling at the staff and connecting with them helps as well as asking politely what can you do to be put on the very next flight. Usually, you are more likely to be moved up the list than an unruly customer. Being nice usually wins you the seat. Practice your speech in the mirror so that your expressions match your words if you’re not a people person. Good luck!

  14. Always learn the words “Yes”, “Please”, “Thank You”, and “Good” in the language of whatever country you’re visiting.

  15. Become a member of Milepoint and of the airline that you fly the most. These two tips will get you well on your way!

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