Clue for December 18 in The Adventure of “Where is Bruce Going?”

The other day, commenter Jibo asked, “Could you share with us what are Bruce’s top 3 guesses ?” Bruce still doesn’t know where he is going, so I asked him his thoughts last night.

His first guesses were in the States. Because his Passport was sent away to add more pages, a Mississippi boat cruise or visit out West were on his mind. As the clues kept coming in, his guesses went from San Juan to Amsterdam to Venice. Currently, his top three guesses would be Istanbul, Milan, and Vienna.

He is being a good sport and not using Google to research the clues. Even if he did guess it right, I might keep my mouth shut to watch him squirm some more. Maybe today’s clue will get him closer to our destination:

Santa will be arriving by boat on December 22 and 24 in an area between two bridges.

Where do you think Bruce is going? Leave a comment below for your chance to win a travel goodies prize pack.

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