Clue for December 7 in The Adventure of “Where is Bruce Going?”

Today’s clue is:

This city offers a free day at the city museums on the day of celebration to the last member of a dynasty.

You learn a lot of interesting things about a locale when trying to come up with clues that will help identify which locale it is — things that aren’t in typical guidebooks. It is actually a great learning experience to dig deeper to find out the lesser-known facts, customs and idiosyncrasies of a city. For today’s clue in the Adventure of “Where is Bruce Going?”, the word ‘dynasty’ got my attention. Let’s see if it helps you determine the location of where Bruce and I will be heading soon after Christmas.

Click here for a recap of the clues given so far, and how this whole Adventure got started.

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  1. Florence, Italy. “On February 18, the city of Florence pays homage to the last member of the Medici dynasty, Maria Luisa de’ Medici, on the anniversary of her death. Thanks to her and her “patto di famiglia” signed in 1737, the family’s immense patrimony of art, sculpture and other precious collections were left to the city of Florence for the benefit and enjoyment of the public and future generations. We should definitely appreciate that she had the forethought to tie the collections to the city and thus cannot be sold which makes it possible to enjoy the marvelous treasures in Florence today.”

  2. Florence, Italy (I thought I wrote this earlier, but I don’t see it). I look forward to reading how it goes, my family will be stopping there in between stays in Rome and Venice next summer.

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