Clue for December 8 in The Adventure of “Where is Bruce Going?”

It’s been a week into The Adventure of “Where is Bruce Going?”, and the guesses are coming in daily. I’m not going to say if the destination has been guessed already, but I will tell you that the guesses really have Bruce wondering as to where he’s going. He says he still has no idea. Leave a comment with where you think Bruce is heading, and if you guess right, you’re in the running to win a surprise package of travel goodies.

Here are the clues we’ve already given:

Your camera should be able to take photos of:

Indoor events

Outdoor walking through busy streets (day and evening)

A big building or two that you may want to get photos of both inside and out

A hill or two, so some landscape photos

No major water … no ocean or big lakes

Mark Twain was inspired by the history and landscape of this area.

This city has a parade and/or carnival in the first quarter of 2013. Sadly, our trip is too early in Q1 so we will miss it.

Burial sites from Biblical times can be found nearby.

This city has an aqueduct which is now used for something other than water.

Shopping can be done at H&M, the Disney Store, Gucci and much, much more.

This city offers a free day at the city museums on the day of celebration to the last member of a dynasty.

And the new clue for today is:

In July, a Medieval festival takes place over two weekends.

Leave your guess in the comments below. Good luck!

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