Where is Bruce Going? Help Determine the Location of his Mystery Trip!

My husband is a difficult one to shop for when it comes to holiday and birthday gifts. And with my crazy busy travel schedule, I often have little time to put into the thought, much less the actual purchase, of gifts.  So this holiday season, I’m doing something I have never done before.

I am surprising my husband Bruce with a trip to …..


I am not telling him where we are going.  I am not telling him what we’ll be doing.  I am not telling him anything except that this trip starts in Chicago after we visit family on Christmas Day and he will be returning home to Orlando between January 5th and 7th — and that he is not flying on his beloved Delta Airlines.

This is driving him crazy!  And also a little bit mad because of the different airline issue.

I started sending him clues on December 1st, albeit very broad clues.  I don’t want to make this too easy on him. 🙂  I will send a new clue each day until the day we depart for this mystery trip.

The clue for December 1st involves his hobby, which is photography. He takes amazing landscape photos (see Icefield Parkway for a small sample of his photos).  His camera gear for the trip will depend a lot on where we are going.

 Your camera should be able to take photos of:

  Indoor events

  Outdoor walking through busy streets (day and evening)

  A big building or two that you may want to get photos of both inside and out

  A hill or two, so some landscape photos

  No major water … no ocean or big lakes

Today’s clue:

Mark Twain was inspired by the history and landscape of this area.  


Bruce may need some help in figuring out where he’s going.  So add your thoughts in the Comment section below and watch for future clues.  The only boundaries to the answer: it is somewhere on the planet Earth and will include a New Year’s Eve celebration.

On the day of our departure (I can’t tell Bruce or you exactly when yet!), the person with the winning answer (or geographically, the closest answer to the real destination) will win a surprise package of travel goodies.  While I am coming up with new clues every day, I will also be coming up with fun items to add to this prize package.

So join in on the fun and help Bruce figure out where he will be traveling to during this holiday season!  Solve his mystery and you may win the mystery prize package!


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  1. That is so thoughtful! I am guessing it must be very time-consuming but so exciting for you as well…Clues are pretty broad at this stage but I will propose Florence 🙂

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