Gadgets from CES 2013

Every January, hundreds of thousands flock to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show to see the newest gadgets and future technologies (hopefully) coming to a store near you. We paid a visit this year to try and catch a sneak peek at the newest tech for the road.

Two years ago, 3D tv’s were the talk of the show. Last year it was tablets and ultrabooks. This year, no one particular product stuck out. There were 4K televisions, transparent 3D sets, iPad cases (so many iPad cases), but we were there for the on-the-road gadgets. It turns out the neatest, coolest travel tech at CES this year were cameras.

Pocket Camera

Canon PowerShot N – This tiny (and I mean tiny!) camera packs in a lot of features. Besides the 2.8″ tilting touch-screen back, 1080p video recording and 8x optical zoom, this camera also includes wi-fi so you can send the photos you just took to a printer, smartphone or tablet. The “creative shot” mode also saves 5 different versions of your photo, each with a different artistic flair. Coming in April – $299.99

Adventure Camera

Nikon Coolpix AW100 – If you’re the type who rides zip lines, and not tour buses, then maybe the Nikon Coolpix AW100 is for you. This camera is made for taking a beating; it’s water-proof, shock-proof, and freeze-proof. It takes fantastic 16 megapixel photos in the roughest of conditions, and even comes with a built in GPS to keep track of where your photos were taken. Available Now – $349.95

Traveling Photo Buff

Fujifilm X100s – With it’s rangefinder styling and compact size, the X100s is a perfect alternative to traveling around with big DSLRs without sacrificing image quality. The hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder has been carried over from the X100, and Fuji has introduced focus peaking and a “digital split image” system to help you get sharp images. Other improvements over the previous model include a new imaging processor, faster auto-focus, and faster startup time. Coming in March – $1,299

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