Home Like a ‘Normal Person’ This Week

The last time I was home for a full seven days was in August last year; the time before that was in May. Now I get to do it again this week and I’m very excited.

The vast majority of my travel is for business, much of it international in the past few years. However, I did manage to get in a vacation recently if you recall from my surprise gift to my husband Bruce and we have another vacation coming up in April on a cruise from Hong Kong to Tokyo. And I do get home on several weekends and for a rare 4 or 5 day stint now and then.

As much as I love to travel, I really love being home. Sunday morning coffee reading the paper with my husband, dinner out last night with a walk around the lake, cooking lots of meals in my own kitchen, saying Hello to neighbors – all things that get me feeling like a ‘normal person’ again.

Lake Eola Orlando

While my suitcase is sitting aside my nightstand, never fully unpacked, it will stay out of my mind for several days. Thoughts of no air miles or hotel points being earned this week will quickly get squashed when I look at my own bed that I love sleeping in.

I may even do something radical this week and actually use the fitness center that I pay for every month. Have lunch with a friend. Go to the garden center for some early spring flowers.

Nah . . . nix that last item. Flowers would expect to be watered more frequently than every now and then. Let’s not get ‘too normal!’


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