How Jet Lag Works

The Stuff You Should Know podcast is one of my favorites. Twice a week, Josh and Chuck from break down everything from Molecular Gastronomy to How Autopsies Work, and it’s a very entertaining learning podcast to put on during a flight. So when they recently did a show on “How Jet Lag Works“, my ears perked up.

Covering topics like the history of avionics to the physiology of your body when you take that long flight, and what happened to lab rats exposed to simulated jet lag (DC to Paris weekly flights), this 34 minute conversation is a must-listen for any traveler. In a humorous yet very informative way, they talk about the reasons of jet lag and ways to combat it. You can download the podcast from iTunes, or listen to it on their site.

While you’re there, you may be interested in this episode: “Does the five-second rule work?”. After seeing a flight attendant in Business Class drop an appetizer on the floor, pick it up and toss it back onto the cart for unsuspecting passengers (all within 5 seconds), I was curious to hear their answer.

Here is the official synopsis of the “How Jet Lag Works” episode:

It was only since 1958 that the Jet Age began, and jet lag became a real condition. Also known as desynchronosis, jet lag can lead to all manner of ailments, from sleeplessness to irritability to diabetes and cancer. Learn about how the body’s natural clock runs normally and what happens when it gets out of whack when we cross time zones quickly.

In my book, Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel With Confidence!, I have lots more written on jet lag and how to prepare for it and get through it.

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  1. Really informative…….and well, yes, funny too. Who knew there was a never ending list of bodily ailments associated with jet lag? The flying etiquette addressed here, just as humorously of course, is a must read! The discussion about the body’s reaction to flying and the consequent jet lag gives you a better idea what not to do and what to avoid. There’s a bit of unrelated and yet informative points too like mackerel being off the environmentally safe list to eat! We’ll ensure that we share this wisdom with the many travellers who stay at our serviced apartments in London!

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