I’ll Miss You Starbucks!

I can already feel the withdrawal. The last Starbucks sips were taken minutes ago, before I passed through the gates of TSA. 14 days before I can get my Starbucks fix again.

Toodaloo Starbucks!

It will be packages of instant Nescafe each morning for the next two weeks. Ho-hum brewed coffee from the hotel restaurant. No Starbucks nor Seattle’s Best to be found. Yes, I know I could bring instant Starbucks coffee, but it’s just not the same as fresh brewed.

I’m on my way to Norway. While the first Starbucks did open in Oslo several months ago, they haven’t yet expanded to other cities in this country. Hopefully soon… but not soon enough for this trip.

So Starbucks, toodaloo for awhile. See you again once I get through Customs on my return back home. You’re my first stop back in the U.S.

What’s your favorite coffee? And do you miss it when you’re away — or prefer the coffee at your destination?


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  1. I love dunken donuts coffee. When I went to Europe for the first time with friends, I couldn’t find a decent , inexpensive cup of coffee. And while in NZ and Australia, no one knew what half and half was… Yep, I was miserable!!

  2. Yes, I was excited when Starbucks opened in OSL. I’m flying through CPH on this trip and there’s a Starbucks next to the boarding area of my final flight to KRS — yeah!

  3. I’ve also been a fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee but only from a DD store. Grinding their beans at home doesn’t have the same taste. And yes, half-and-half is a US thing. It’s milk everywhere else or something that looks like Carnation Condensed Milk.

  4. When I go overseas I stop drinking coffee as it is
    Nescafe which I can’t stand. I drink green tea which
    is one of my favorite drinks. I think I have had about
    Starbucks coffee about three times in my life. Not a big
    fan of Starbucks.

  5. Whoops typo, spelled moka. She has one with an electric element built in for trips where she won’t have a stove. Hth

  6. Huh? Starbucks coffee is overpriced poor coffee.
    Visit Italy on your EU trip and find out how real coffee tastes.

    NZ has excellent coffee at every street corner.

    There’s something wrong with you…

  7. Starbucks makes some of the worst non-instant coffee in the western world. Pretty well everywhere in Europe (I don’t know the Norwegian countryside so can’t be sure there, but everywhere I’ve been) you can get proper coffee rather than Starbucks’ Disney-esque c*%p. Even in the USA, a country known for poor food and colored water masquerading as coffee, it’s easy to get a liquid better than that which Starbucks offers.

  8. I straddle the fence. Starbucks serves consistently mediocre coffee, and that’s of significant value to many business travelers.

  9. You just need to get hooked on Tim Hortons, then you can be a real chain coffee fiend. We are convinced it is just flavored liquid crack.

  10. And you think just because there is no Starbuck’s you can only have instant…. my bet would be there a will be a decent coffee place wherever you are. You just need to look.

  11. There are two Starbucks at CPH, one landside and one airside. There is also one 20 minutes from CPH, that is at the Malmo Central Train Station.

  12. Laptop nomad wrote:
    “When I go overseas I stop drinking coffee as it is Nescafe which I can’t stand.”

    Whoa, what a broad statement. The entire rest of the world uses Nescafé? Who knew …

  13. @Carol @Liz

    LOL you guys make me laugh. You do realize that Europe and Australia have pretty much the best coffee in the world. Italy and Australia have an incredible coffee culture with coffee cafes on every corner. SBUX is regarded bu true coffee connoisseurs as similar o McDonald’s coffee. And ‘half and half’ is an american thing yes – the rest of the world uses milk.
    Saying you prefer SBUX offer real Euro or Aussie coffee is kind of liek saying “I prefer wines from Texas and New York, over those from France, Chile and California” LOL

  14. Amazing how Starbucks is considered quality coffee! You can chose from millions of little cafes in Europe that put them to shame.

  15. I always plan my trips around getting a good cup of coffee. While I usually get Starbucks two chains I prefer if available: Aroma when in NY, Miami and Israel and Peets when in San Fran, or Santa Barbara.

  16. IMHO, Peet’s is my favorite US brand. I try at all costs to avoid Starbucks wherever I am in the world. I agree with prior comments regarding Italian and Australian coffee. The divide between those and American coffee is just plain tragic.

  17. If you consider Starbucks and the ironically named Seattle’s Best to be good coffee then you need to travel more!

    Good coffee can be found in the US, if you’re prepared for a little research / excursions. For example, Urth Caffe in LA does a fine coffee.

    And, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find good coffee in Norway. There’s this thing called Google, m’kay? 🙂

  18. Hmm… Have been living in Europe off and on for almost a decade, and still find it difficult to consistently find decent coffee (and the UK is the WORST for palatable java). There seems to be a hipster backlash against the ubiquitous Starbucks and their market success. They wouldn’t have the dominant market share of coffee across the entire world if they didn’t consistently deliver a good product.

  19. For me the point of travel is to have new experiences. That includes going to cafes and coffee shops that are not part of the tourist trade. I will frequently ask a clerk where she likes to go for lunch. Starbucks is only for wi-fi and a decent restroom.

  20. I don’t get this post at all. There is such a great European coffee culture. Starbucks coffee is not even good. Just chose from any of the small local cafes (that don’t look like a chain).

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