Tourism: What Do Iceland and Bolivia Have in Common?

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, both of these countries are #1, however for very opposite reasons. Iceland is rated the friendliest country to visit; Bolivia is the most unfriendly.

The World Economic Forum performs in-depth analysis of the travel & tourism competitiveness of economies around the world. The purpose of this report is to aid in the development of strong and sustainable T&T industries capable of effectively contributing to international economic development.

Not only does this report show attitude of population toward foreign visitors, it also has lot of other interesting ratings:
— How well do companies in a country treat customers?
— Tourism expenditure and receipts as a percentage of GDP
— Extension of business trips recommended
— and more

Curious as to where the U.S. stacks up in the list of friendliest countries? Embarrassingly, down at 102 out of 140.

The full report by the World Economic Forum is here.

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  1. can’t agree with the unfriendly part. The poor people in the city there try to fleece tourists but in the remote parts, people are down to earth and welcoming.

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