Travel Goods Show 2013 – What’s Hot! (Part 3 of 3)

This is the final installment featuring hot products from this year’s TGA Travel Goods Show. You can see the other products that were presented in Part 1 and in Part 2.



I have never been a big fan of those carryon-style neck supports that people bring on airplanes. Maybe it is just me but I find them too bulky to travel with – or I don’t want to blow them up – and the support is really negligible. Well, until now. Cabeau founder David Sternlight is putting out products that address traveler concerns and he certainly has a winner with what he calls the Evolution Pillow. This $35 (approx.) pillow at first glance looks like similar products. After all, others have washable covers and offer memory foam. What Cabeau did was add very comfortable raised side supports which really do support the neck. Moreover, it folds up into a pouch that is only a quarter of the full size, making is a great travel product. They also offer the Air Evolution which folds up and fits in a pouch about the size of a soda can because it is inflatable. Other interesting products, including some for children, can be seen on their website. [Cabeau Travel]

Reaction Retail

Reaction Retail

My husband uses a Braun mobile-size battery operated razor when traveling. This similar new product from ShaveTech charges by USB, not batteries. The advantages here are lighter weight, very easy to charge up when traveling, no worry about battery death, and no worry about carrying replacement batteries. The size is comparable to other mobile razors but this one has very distinctive contemporary styling. At $40 retail, it is more expensive than most other travel razors but Reaction Retail promises that replacement heads, which are typically very expensive – sometimes 70% of the product cost – will be available for only a nominal charge. [ShaveTech]



Whoa, so many choices! That was the first reaction looking at the many offerings from PAK. What all the products have in common is that they are travel kits. What makes them different is size and content. There are three sizes (Micro, Mini, and Original) but each size has multiple configurations. The smallest kit includes 14 items while the largest contains 28. Prices vary based on size and content. All the bags are very neatly packed and include a detachable chain. The kits were certainly designed for female travelers but some men may also find them handy as a travel companion. Most of the contents can be refilled online. [The PAK Store]




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  1. Hi Carol,
    this is a very interesting article…I’m just a little bit disappointed and frustrated because I tried to order a PAK from the PAK store, but they don’t seem to deliver in EU…and I also tried to order this comfortable evolution pillow, but the fregiht costs are so high! (+/- 69 $ when the pillow itself only costs 35$).Well, just a post only for US travellers…

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