TSA PreCheck is Expanding

TSA PreCheck Lines at MCO OrlandoThe TSA PreCheck Program currently allows certain elite status passengers and members of Global Entry or related programs to participate in an expedited security procedure. The time savings passing through security at the airport can be thirty minutes or more because these select passengers do not have to remove items like their laptop, shoes, belts, and coats. Just put your bags through the scanner (take out your cellphone if it’s in a pocket and place it in your bag or one of their trays) and walk through the metal detector.

According to this article, many passengers have no need for Global Entry because they do not fly internationally so TSA plans to either directly vet non-status passengers or have a third party do it. Another way to qualify for PreCheck may be through their “managed inclusion” program where passengers submit to a canine screening and a brief interview with their behavior detection officers.

The TSA hopes that expedited security will be available to a quarter of all passengers by the end of this year.  This is great news for those who have never before qualified for PreCheck but it is a mixed blessing. Travelers experienced with PreCheck can expect longer lines and of course, the inexperienced passengers will no doubt slow down the lines because they are unsure what to do. Perhaps TSA will plan ahead for this and have two lines, one called Experienced and the other called Newbie.

Just a heads up – I’ve read previously where TSA plans to expand PreCheck to reach as many as 70% of passengers.


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  1. What i like about Pre isnt that it’s less burdensome, but that the lines are usually much shorter.

  2. Precheck should stay the same, but continue to expand to new checkpoints.

    You need to pay $100, get global entry, and put your traveller number in your FF profile. Period.

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